The Lost Photographer

Lost Photographer
of adventure and things.



A 28 year old photographer from Singapore island who is highly addicted to black coffee and MacDonald's cheese burgers.

It's about telling a story for me. About places, people and experiences that I find interesting. Trying my best to put the audience in my point of view and hopefully, get them as excited as I am.  

If I have an ideal subject I'd like to photograph; It would be a cycling trip trip across Asia, or Europe. To tell a story about the journey and the people who partake in it. 

I haven't been all about photography though. During my University days, I got side tracked a little. For a good 3 years or so, I started working in cafes; waiting on tables and making coffee, before finally becoming a line cook in cafes and restaurants. 

I admit, it's a really odd career path. But I guess every once in a while, we need a distraction or a break from the things we're familiar with. If anything, working in hospitality all those years has definitely made me a better people photographer. 



A degree in photography.

A diploma in communications.

A head full of ideas.

A heart filled with adventures.

I've been taking photographs for a good part of my life so far. It started out with random images of flowers and people jogging by the beach but nowadays I prefer to photograph my friends, interesting people I come by and the places I travel to, be it by foot, mountain bike or aeroplane.